KptnCook is a free app that inspires people to cook at home

The Team has a passion for food and technology, wanted to make deciding what to cook easy, fun, and stress-free.

Today KptnCook partners with food bloggers around the world to bring busy people three new delicious 30 minute recipes every day. Each recipe features for 24 hours and all the ingredients can be picked up at local grocery stores.

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KptnCook is available on iPhone and Android for Germany and the United States.


The crew behind KptnCook are a talented mix of entrepreneurs, techies, designers and communicators. One thing they all have in common is their love for food.

Team Alex


Alex is the co-founder of KptnCook. He is an absolute team-player and loves to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, to get things done. When it comes to food, he could never resist the Asian cuisine.

Team Eva


Eva, co-founder of KptnCook, already won a Red Dot Award, twice. She is the creative mind behind the KptnCook brand and product. Cooking for her means the perfect ending to a long day, especially when the main ingredient is avocado.


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