We are a colorful mix of avid foodies with a variety of backgrounds: app development, nutrition science, design, you name it! But one thing connects us all: our love for great food.

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What we do

Every day, we help you prepare a healthy dinner in a short amount of time. Step-by-step, we guide you through your cooking adventure: from the recipe inspiration and the trip to the supermarket to the cooking experience.

Why we do what we do

Our biggest goal is to motivate you and others to cook more, try new recipes, and experiment with unfamiliar ingredients. Cooking should be as easy, spontaneous, and stress-free as possible.

Founders of KptnCook

Our founders

Our two founding-Kptns Eva & Alex didn’t create KptnCook for entirely selfless reasons. They too were faced with the same question every night: what will I cook today? Overwhelmed by the flood of recipes on traditional platforms, they created KptnCook. Today, the app inspires thousands of people and accompanies them in their daily cooking—everyone from inexperienced deck-chefs to weathered kitchen-Kptns!

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We love great food and are enthusiastic foodies who experiment in the kitchen both in and out of the workplace. We want to share this passion for cooking with you. Preparing a healthy dinner is not difficult and always worth it!


Our name does not just coincidentally allude to the 18th century British voyager, James Cook, who discovered many islands in the Pacific Ocean. Cooking and combining ingredients and spices is a daily journey of discovery for us. We invite you to come along!

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We aren’t professional chefs and still fail in the kitchen from time to time. Nevertheless, we learn new things on a daily basis and are here to share our experiences with you. Being alone in the kitchen can be boring. That’s why we’re by your side: to accompany you as your own personal cooking buddy with pictures and quick tips to guide you through the process.

Come on Board

We sail on a big ship and are always on the lookout for new crew members. If you are passionate about food, technology, and design, drop us a line, and show us why you have what it takes to be a Kptn!