Frequently Asked Questions

About the App

Do I have to pay for the app?

You can enjoy our daily & weekly recipes, as well as lots of cool features such as the integrated shopping lists and our step-by-step cooking instructions entirely for free! Just our premium feature, the handy meal plan, which allows you to plan your cooking and shopping for the whole week, is available on a subscription basis. If you like, you can test the meal plan at any time for 7 days without any obligations and free of charge.

What’s the meal planner about?

The meal planner helps you to plan your shopping and cooking for the whole week easily and stress-free. You also have the opportunity to discover new recipes from our galley that fit your dietary requirements. You can create a meal plan from your favorites, choose one of our weekly themes such as vegan, low-carb, or gluten-free, or you can let us surprise you with new recipes.

Do I have to pay for the meal plan?

With our meal plan, you can choose between two options: a monthly and an annual subscription. You can find the specific prices in the meal plan tab in the app, but if you wanna save some coins, go for the yearly subscription! Before subscribing, you can always test the meal plan for 7 days without any obligations and free of charge.

How can I end my trial or cancel the meal planner subscription?

Sorry that our meal plan hasn’t convinced you yet! To cancel your trial subscription or your existing subscription, please follow these steps:iOS: Go to your iOS settings> your Apple ID> in the menu Subscriptions you have the option to cancel your KptnCook subscription. You can find more information about Apple Support on the following website: Android: Go to the Google Play Store> in the menu you will find the option Subscriptions> here you have the option to cancel your KptnCook subscription. More information about Google Play Support can be found at the following website:

Can I delete the collections ’Cooked’, ’Want to cook’, and ’Recently deleted’?

We took the liberty to preselect three collections for you: ’Cooked’, ’Want to cook’, and ’Recently deleted’, which cannot be deleted. But besides those, you can create and delete your own collections.

How many collections can I create?

On top of the 3 preselected collections, you can create 7 other personal recipe collections to categorize your countless favorites. Yay!

How can I turn on/off the push notification?

You can go to your smartphone settings and turn your KptnCook push notifications on and off. But seriously: do you really wanna miss out on our legendary food puns and jokes? I didn’t think so ;-)

Why should I sign in?

There are many benefits waiting for you if you sign in to the app: you have access to all your favorite recipes from different devices. You can share a shopping list with your family or flatmates. You can create your own recipe collections. You can write down personal notes, save more than 25 recipes, track your own cooking activity, and and and...

Can I share recipes with my friends?

Yes, of course! You can share your favorites with your friends and family. For every recipe you have the sharing icon in the top right corner, which allows you to send recipes. After downloading the app, your friends can open the link you sent to them and the recipe will appear in their favorites list in no time!

How can I make sure that my favorites aren’t deleted?

It’s super simple: just create an account! Signing up is as easy as ABC, free, and enables you to always access your favorites – even from different devices!

Can I save a recipe for later?

Yes, of course! To save a recipe, all you have to do is add it to your ’Favorites’. This can be done by clicking on the recipe, then clicking on the heart icon in the top right corner. A pop-up will come up stating how many spaces you have left in your favorites, and the heart will turn red once the recipe is added. To recall a saved recipe, all you have to do is click on the ’favorites’ tab and then click on the recipe.

How can I delete recipes from my ’Favorites’ list?

To delete a recipe, go to the ’Favorites’ tab and click on the recipe you wish to delete. Then, tap on the red heart icon to deselect the recipe. If you change your mind, you can still find the recipe in the collection ’Recently deleted’ for 30 days.

About Recipes

How often do you update your recipes?

Every 24 hours you get 3 brand new recipes! So if you’ve fallen in love with a recipe, make sure to heart it and save it to your favorites.

Where do your recipes come from?

We have a whole crew of creative cooking Kptns who come up with new creations for you every day! Besides that, we’re lucky to be supported by many talented food bloggers who share our passion for cooking. If you’re a fan of a specific blogger’s recipe, just click on the blogger’s bio below ’VIEW STEPS’ and visit their blog for more food inspo!

What’s your take on seasonal recipes in your app?

We’re huge fans of seasonal recipes! Therefore, we try to cook with the delicious veggies and fruits that are in season in the area where the recipe author is based as often as possible. But if we feature a not so seasonal veggie in a recipe from time to time, we hope you’ll turn a blind eye ;-) By the way, you can easily filter your favorites list by season. Or check out our fresh newsletter! There we share our seasonal calendar with you once a month and provide you with seasonal super recipes.

What are the KptnCook meal categories?

On a regular day we have one vegan, one vegetarian, and one protein recipe. Our protein recipes can be further broken down into beef, poultry, lamb, game, fish, and seafood. You can determine which category a recipe falls into by the icon located on the top left next to the cooking time and under the recipe name. Plus, you can discover even more categories by using the filter function in your favorites list!

Why are the majority of your recipes vegetarian?

Because they are so delicious! Every day you can discover something new. By consciously decreasing your meat consumption, you are not only doing your health but also the environment a great service.

Why aren’t all your recipes vegetarian?

We are flexitarians: veggie lovers who eat meat a maximum of two times per week; less is more, and quality trumps quantity.

How do you choose between organic and non-organic ingredients?

We love when organic products are easy to find, especially when it comes to fish and meat. However, sometimes organic products are hard to find in conventional supermarkets. For this reason, you can find both organic and non-organic products on your shopping list.

I cannot find some ingredients in my supermarket

We do our best to make sure all the ingredients for each recipe can be found in the selected supermarket. However, sometimes stores change their orders causing certain items to be out of stock. If for some reason you cannot find a product, maybe there’s something similar? If you have questions, you can always text us on Instagram @kptncookapp or write a mail to Or try to be creative! Creation and cooking go hand-in-hand; discovery is part of the journey!

Which things should I have at home to be well-prepared for cooking?

It is always good to have these cupboard essentials: salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil, sunflower oil, flour, and our flavorful friend - garlic. These essentials won’t appear on your shopping list, but we have them in the section ’You might have this at home’. We recommend always checking this section before going to the store. Regarding cooking tools, you will need a stove, an oven, knives, pans, a whisk, a spatula, and occasionally a blender.

How are the portions calculated?

With the help of our nutritionists, we cook every recipe and calculate the ingredients needed in one serving, allowing us to multiply it according to your selected number of servings. So regardless of whether you are preparing a romantic candlelight dinner or a big party, the servings calculator tells you the correct ingredient quantities.

What is the nutritional information in reference to?

For each ingredient in the recipe, we calculate the nutritional value per single serving. We determine the number of calories and grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The colored partial circle around the nutritional measurements refers to the portion of the nutritional element this recipe contains based on the average values for adults. These average values are 2000 cal, 50g protein, 70g fat, and 270g carbs.

About KptnCook

What does KptnCook mean?

Thanks for asking! First and foremost, it is pronounced ’captain cook’. In Germany, where most of our team comes from, captain is spelled like ’Kapitän’. A captain enjoys exploring the world, and we want to help navigate you through the food world. Come aboard our culinary adventure journey!

Who is behind KptnCook?

We are a colorful team of passionate foodies. Each of us brings a different skill set to the table, but we all want to share our love of food with you. If you want to learn about us, please visit the ’About Us’ page on our website.