Frequently Asked Questions

Premium subscription & costs

What benefits do I get with KptnCook Premium? 

In short, a lot. :-) Here are the most important ones:

In the premium version of KptnCook you will get recipes based on your diet (e.g. vegan, low carb, high protein,...) and your intolerances (e.g. no coriander).

You have access to all KptnCook recipes (now over 3500 recipes!), which you can search by various different criteria.

Every week you will get new inspiration based on the season, curated by our crew exclusively for Premium subscribers.

Have a favorite chef? Visit our recipe creators' profile page to see all of their recipes.

The handy Weekly Planner keeps track of all the recipes you want to make and makes it easy to plan your meals for the week. You might also be inspired to discover new recipes with our smart "surprise" feature.

Do I have to pay for KptnCook Premium?

For KptnCook Premium you can choose between two options: a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. The exact prices are listed in the app. If you’re a savvy saver like us, go for the annual subscription!

Before committing, you can test Premium 7 days for free with no obligation. This may not apply to discounted special offers, please check the purchase information in the app.

Do I have to pay for the app in general? 

No, you don't! You can enjoy our daily recipes for free, check out our weekly special, and use features like integrated shopping lists and our step-by-step cooking guides with pictures.

You only need to pay for the optional Premium subscription, which includes personalized suggestions, weekly meal plans, and access to over 3,500 recipes. If you want, you can try KptnCook Premium for 7 days free and with no obligation.

How can I end my trial or cancel Premium? 

We’re sorry that KptnCook Premium hasn't met your expectations. To cancel your trial or subscription, just follow these steps:

If you have an iOS device, go to your iOS Settings > tap on your Apple ID > under Subscriptions, you'll find your active subscriptions. Here, you can manage or cancel your KptnCook subscription. For more details, visit Apple Support:

If you have an Android device, open the Google Play Store > in the menu, find the Subscriptions option > here, you can manage or cancel your KptnCook subscription. For more details, visit Google Play Support: 

How can I request a refund? 

We’re sorry that KptnCook Premium didn't work out for you. You can easily request a refund within 14 days of purchase .

If you have an iOS device, you can request a refund through this Apple Support link:
If you use an Android device, you can request a refund through the Google Play Store: 



We took the liberty to preselect three collections for you: ’Cooked’, ’Want to cook’, and ’Recently deleted’, which cannot be deleted. But besides those, you can create and delete your own collections.

How many collections can I create?

On top of the 3 preselected collections, you can create 7 other personal recipe collections to categorize your countless favorites. Yay!

Push notifications

How can I turn on/off the push notifications?

You can go to your smartphone settings and turn your KptnCook push notifications on and off. But seriously: do you really wanna miss out on our legendary food puns and jokes? We didn’t think so ;-)

Login & Account

Why should I sign into the app?

Signing up offers you many advantages: You can sync your favorite recipes across different devices, like using your smartphone for shopping and your tablet for cooking. Share shopping lists with your family or flatmates to ensure your fridge is never empty. Create your own recipe collections and add personal notes to recipes. And, last but not least: save more than 25 recipes in your favorites and track your cooking activity.

How can I change my email or password?

It’s super easy! In the app, go to "Profile" (bottom right). Tap the settings icon (small gear, top right). Then tap "My Account." Here you can change your name in the app, the linked email address, or your password.


Before you delete your account, please note that if you have a paid subscription, deleting your account will not automatically cancel that subscription. Be sure to cancel any active subscriptions first by following the steps in the paragraph "Premium Subscription" / HOW CAN I END MY TRIAL OR CANCEL PREMIUM?

Here's how to delete your account:

iOS and Android

1. Go to the profile tab and tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Tap on “My Account".
3. Tap on “Delete Account“, and then tap “Send Email“ in the pop-up message that appears.
4. You receive an email to the respective email address.
5. Go to your email program and open the email from KptnCook. Click on “Delete Account“

If you're having issues following the steps above, you can request deletion of your account and all related personal information by contacting us at

Please note that we may be required by tax and commercial law to retain certain accounting-related information. In addition, we will keep your deletion request and our response (if you have requested deletion of your account through our customer support) for three years to fulfill our recordkeeping obligations. Therefore, we may not be able to delete all of your information at this time. However, we will only retain the remaining data to fulfill our legal obligations. Once these periods have expired, we will immediately delete your remaining information without you having to ask us to do so again.

Sharing Recipes

Can I share recipes with my friends?

Yes, of course! You can share your favorites with your friends and family. For every recipe you have the sharing icon in the top right corner, which allows you to send recipes. After downloading the app, your friends can open the link you sent them and the recipe will appear in their favorites in no time!


Can I save recipes for later?

Yes, of course! To save a recipe, all you have to do is add it to your ’Favorites’. This can be done by clicking on the recipe, then clicking on the heart icon in the top right corner. To look up a saved recipe, all you have to do is click on the ’favorites’ tab and then click on the recipe.

How can I make sure that I won’t lose my favorites?

It’s super simple: just create an account! Signing up is as easy as ABC, free, and enables you to always access your favorites – even from different devices!

How can I delete a recipe from my favorites?

To delete a recipe, go to the ’Favorites’ tab and click on the recipe you want to delete. Then, tap on the red heart icon to deselect the recipe. If you change your mind, you can still find the recipe in the collection ’Recently deleted’ for 30 days.


How often do you update your recipes?

Every 24 hours you get 3 brand new recipes! So if you’ve fallen in love with a recipe, make sure to heart it and save it to your favorites.

Where do your recipes come from?

We have a whole crew of creative cooking Kptns who come up with new creations for you every day! Besides that, we’re lucky to be supported by many talented food bloggers who share our passion for cooking. If you’re a fan of a specific blogger’s recipe, just click on the blogger’s bio below ’VIEW STEPS’ and visit their blog for more food inspo!

How do you categorize your recipes?

We categorize recipes as vegan, vegetarian, dishes with beef, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood. You can recognize the category by its icon. Additionally, you can discover many more categories using the filter function in your favorites.

Why are the majority of your recipes vegetarian?

Because they’re so delicious! You can discover something new every day. By consciously decreasing your meat consumption, you are not only doing your health but also the environment a great service.

Why aren’t all recipes vegetarian?

We are flexitarians: we love veggies and eat meat at most 1-2 times a week. Less is more, and good quality is more important than quantity.

What’s your stance on seasonal recipes in your app?

We are huge fans of seasonal recipes and try to cook with in-season vegetables and fruits as much as possible. But if we feature a tomato in Winter instead of just cooking with cabbage, turnips, and root vegetables, we hope you’ll understand ;-) You can also easily filter your favorites to find recipes that match the current season.

Ingredients & cooking equipment

Why do I find both organic and non-organic products in the shopping list? 

We generally think organic food is great, especially for fish and meat. However, some items are harder to find, especially in conventional supermarkets. That’s why you’ll find both organic and non-organic products in the shopping list.

I cannot find an ingredient at the supermarket

We do our best to make sure all the ingredients can be found in the selected supermarket. However, sometimes stores change their orders causing certain items to be out of stock. If for some reason you cannot find an ingredient, maybe there’s something similar? If you have questions, you can always text us on Instagram @kptncookapp or write an email to Or try getting creative – cooking is an adventure!

What should I have at home to be well-prepared for cooking? 

Salt, pepper, olive oil, sunflower oil, sugar, and a few spices are a good start. A stove is obviously helpful, and as far as equipment goes: knives, pots, pans, a whisk, and last but not least: a blender or mixer. This way, you can make delicious, creamy soups!

Ingredients & cooking equipment

How do you calculate the prices for loose ingredients sold by weight? 

For fresh, loose ingredients that are weighed individually, we can’t provide exact prices. Every piece of fruit and vegetable is different. Therefore, the prices are based on average weights (e.g., an apple weighing 200g), which should not deviate significantly.

Are your price indications always accurate? 

We strive to provide exact prices. However, regional supermarket promotions can vary, leading to small discrepancies that we can’t always account for. 

Servings & nutritional values

How are the potions calculated?

With the help of our nutritionists, we cook every recipe and calculate the ingredients needed in one serving, allowing us to multiply it according to your selected number of servings. So regardless of whether you are preparing a romantic candlelight dinner or a big party, the servings calculator tells you the correct ingredient quantities.

What is the nutritional information in reference to?

For each ingredient in a recipe, we calculate the nutritional value per single serving. We determine the number of calories and grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. The colored partial circle around the nutritional measurements refers to the portion of the nutritional element this recipe contains based on the average values for adults. These average values are 2000 cal, 50g protein, 70g fat, and 270g carbs.

About KptnCook

What does KptnCook mean?

Great question! First of all, it's pronounced Captain Cook. ;-) It’s a nod to the British explorer James Cook, who discovered many islands in the Pacific Ocean in the 18th century. For us, cooking and combining ingredients and spices is also a daily adventure, one we’d love to take you on.

Who’s behind KptnCook?

We are a diverse group of enthusiastic foodies from various backgrounds: app development, nutrition science, design, you name it! Our main goal is to help you and many others prepare healthy meals quickly instead of opting for fast food. While we might not be gourmet chefs, we have amassed a wealth of foodie knowledge that we’re eager to share with you. Cooking a healthy dinner isn’t hard and it’s worth it. :-) If you want to learn about us go to the ’About Us’ page.